Planning And Controlling Of Raw Material In Accumulator Production at The PT XX

Nurmawati Nurmawati


In the industrial planning and controlling area, the production of raw material is one of the factors that is important to the company. PT XX, the accumulator company is a type of business that produces batteries in a variety of sizes. Up to present, the company has produced batteries by conventional method but sometimes there are problems of process production because of the lack of material or raw material in the warehouse. There are excess of other raw material and there are lack of another. Production and raw material did not match well because the company still had the trouble in making planning and controlling of raw materials, especially in determining the amount and time of ordering.

To produce 1096 unit 12V ​​75 Ah batteries based on production planning in 2014, the cost for raw material will be Rp. 1,521,357,600.00


Keywords : Planning and Controlling of Raw Material

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